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Andi’s Apple Pie – Sleepy Time Tea


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As your little ones sip on Tiny Tea’s sweet blend of blackberry leaf, liquorice root and chamomile, they’ll drift off on a cloud of fluffy vanilla and warm, stewed apple.


These natural ingredients have been carefully selected to create a magical blend for a calm and peaceful bedtime routine.

Say goodbye to restless nights, and hello to sweet dreams!


**12 Teabags per pouch.**





Q: What are your tea bags made from? 

A: Our tea bags are made from corn starch fibres that are 100% biodegradable! No microplastics here, just pure goodness!


Q: My child is celiac; can she drink your tea?

A: Absolutely! Our tea is a gluten-free paradise and is made in a gluten-free facility. So, sip away without any worries!


Q: What age can my child start drinking Tiny Tea? 

A: We suggest the age of 2. But if you and your child are feeling ready for a tasty new adventure sooner, it’s totally up to you.


Q: How many tea bags are in each bag? 

A: You’ll find 12 individually wrapped pyramid tea bags in each bag for you and your crew to enjoy.


Q: Can you please explain what the natural flavouring is made from?

A: Our natural flavourings are like happy secrets from Mother Nature, made from the finest botanical and fruity wonders from around the world. For example, just a sprinkle of citric acid from an orange can create a natural orange flavour that tastes like pure sunshine.


Sip your way to a plastic-free paradise with Tiny Tea Kids! Our flavoursome teas are the perfect companion to say goodbye to single-use bottles and hello to a greener future.

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A tiny guide to making our tea — faff free:
  1. Add one tea bag to a cup and cover with 150ml of warm water at 90°C.

  2. Brew for 1-2 mins. The longer you brew the sweeter its becomes. (We recommend not going over 2 minutes)

  3. To enjoy cold or sparkling, brew a with a small amount of hot water then top up with cold water and ice.

  4. For a monsterlicious twist, enjoy by adding some fresh fruits!

  5. Ensure water is not too hot before serving to children.



Sweet Blackberry Leaf, Licorice Root, Apple Pieces, Chamomile, French Vanilla Flavouring, Stewed Apple Flavouring.

Origin: Tiny Tea is packed in Australia, and uses the highest grade of local and imported organic ingredients.
Dist. By Tiny Tea Pty Ltd


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Weight.045 g
Dimensions25 × 15 × 10 mm

Lavender, Orange, Green Tea, Lemon

1 review for Andi’s Apple Pie – Sleepy Time Tea

  1. Anna

    My kids were lucky enough to try Tiny Teas and they really liked the Bubblegum flavour. My daughter isn’t a fan of hot drinks so when this product came around she was very excited. Its a great after school treat. Really well priced and I love the packaging!

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